MOOC.TAB aims to create a tablet-based platform dedicated to lifelong learning


MOOC TAB is an abbreviaton of MassiveOnlineOpen Course Tablet. MOOC TAB aims to create a tablet-based platform dedicated to lifelong learning (primary, secondary, higher and continuous) using an on-demand MOOC platform.
New era in education

We are facing a strong expansion in e-education systems (expected worldwide market of $267 billion in 2017). One key mover in this increase will be the fast-emerging offer of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) along with HR corporate department and higher education segment. The success of MOOC is expected to change the structure of the higher and corporate education industry within 10 years. The tablet, as a tool for having content whenever you want, is very complementary to the online Web MOOC Platform. Nevertheless, such massive deployment within education pinpoints the need of tablet fleet management and also content management protection. For all those reasons, simple and effective identity management and security features related to the eLearning platform are needed. MOOC TAB aims to create a tablet-based platform dedicated to lifelong learning (primary, secondary, higher and continuous) using an on-demand MOOC platform, based on existing open source MOOC platforms; data stored on a local secured cloud; MOOC used through tablets with an intuitive interface and a secured connection; open platform allowing the retrospective addition of other use cases.


MOOC.TAB counts on an exceptional set of partners, encompassing both academic excellence and companies, including the security, semi-conductors, education, design and software development sectors.
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World leader in digital security Gemalto is at the heart of our evolving digital society, enabling businesses and governments around the world to offer trusted and convenient digital services to billions of individuals.
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Immanens, founded in 2004, is specialized in the digital document and address three markets: Editor (press & book), distribution networks B2B2C and the Education & Academic sector.
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We are a team of designers, developers, psychologists and academicians who design technological products and services for increasing well-being.
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Institut Mines-Télécom
Institut Mines-Télécom is a public institution dedicated to higher education, research and innovation in engineering and digital technologies. The institution is under the authority of the Minister for Industry and Electronic Communication.
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As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP Semiconductors is driving innovation in the secure connected vehicle, end-to-end security & privacy and smart connected solutions markets.
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Ubit developed many projects in various fields combining technology, education and the learning process. These projects include distant learning, university/school management, e-learning and corporate websites.
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Télécom Saint-Étienne
Télécom Saint-Etienne is a French grande école in the field of telecommunications engineering. Located in Saint-Étienne, it is associated with the Institut Telecom. It is part of Jean Monnet University.
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Founded in 1986, the KOBIL Group, headquartered in Worms, Germany and proud of its 120 employees, is pioneer in the fields of smart card, one-time password, authentication and cryptography.
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Vestel Group is comprised of 24 companies operating in manufacturing, software and technology development in the consumer electronics, household appliances, mobile technologies.


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